• Esteban Calderón is a music producer and mixing engineer born in San José, Costa Rica. He started studying music at age 3, wrote his first song at age 15 and released his debut solo album called “Después del Uno” at age 21 for which he wrote all the music and lyrics. Esteban's first single “¿Y cómo hago ahora?” hit the top of the Costa Rican pop radio charts and catapulted him into the regional market by reaching top 10 in MTV Latin America. This led to his nomination as Costa Rican Artist of the Year by the international radio station “Los 40 Principales”. Esteban's debut album was also the most nominated album for the 2010 ACAM Awards (Costa Rican Grammy equivalent) with 6 nominations. Esteban and his team ended up taking home 3 ACAM Awards including Pop Composer of the Year. After polishing his music production skills at Berklee College of Music, he currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a producer and mixing engineer under his new artist name: ESTICO. He also formed the band ESTICOandGRIFF alongside renowned singer and platinum songwriter Griffith Frank.

  • New Single Out Now!

    Stars of the Night - by ESTICOandGRIFF

    Co-written, produced and mixed by ESTICO

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    Video Credits:

    Client: Fox Sports

    Studio: Red57

    Sound Design, Mix, Master: ESTICO

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