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Becca Roth releases "Unstable EP"

Singer Songwriter Becca Roth released her "Unstable EP" on all major music platforms today. Here's what she had to say:

"... I am FINALLY releasing my newest work, "Unstable EP", featuring 5 full-band tracks.

These songs remind me of being in Boston where I wrote them while feeling all of the feelings. I was scared to release a few of these tracks because they are so personal to me, but I hope that hearing them will bring you courage and love. I am really thankful to everyone who played and worked on these tracks and who did selfless favors to help me bring these songs to life.

I decided to name this EP after my song, "Unstable" because that's exactly what it feels like to me. The lyric, "Nothing's working out the way I planned it" gains new meaning to me every day. I hope that this EP means something to you and if it does, please share!!!

Thank you all for supporting and listening!!!"

Her EP was mixed by ESTICO, who also did vocal production on some of the tracks. Enjoy!

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